Crewmembers Stride Out of Operations and Checkout Building



Crewmembers Stride Out of Operations and Checkout Building




Crew members of STS 51-L mission walk out of the Operations and Checkout Building at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, on their way to Pad 39B where they will board the Space Shuttle Challenger.;Crew members are from front to back: Commander Francis R. (Dick) Scobee; Mission specialists Judith A. Resnik and Ronald E. McNair; Pilot Michael J. Smith; Payload specialist Christa McAuliffe; Mission Specialist Ellison Onizuka; and Payload specialist Gregory Jarvis.
-Caption from Johnson Space Center
This image is a "walkout photo"-- a customary photo-op of astronauts as they prepare to embark on their mission, just before boarding the Astrovan (a custom Aistream motorhome) that takes them to the launch site.
This image has been cataloged by the Johnson Space Center as Photo ID: 51-L-(S)-030 / STS51L(S)030. Alternate KSC Photo ID:108-KSC-386C-937/12 (29996).
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